Riverside’s Green Initiatives, Sustainability Plans Receive Honors in International Communitas Awards

May 3, 2011 at 4:10 pm

DALLAS, TX – The City of Riverside’s environmental initiatives and sustainability plans were recognized for their outstanding achievements by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (ACMP) in their international Communitas Awards competition last week.

The City of Riverside was one of only 30 to receive 2011 Communitas Awards, which recognize exceptional businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the globe for their specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy, or ethical, sustainable business practices.

Riverside received two Gold Communitas Awards for its “Sustainability Programs” and “Green Initiatives” entries, which highlighted the city’s ongoing efforts in creating and implementing environmental policies and programs such as their Green Action Plan – which outlines Riverside’s strategies for increased use of renewable energy resources, preservation of water resources, reduction of greenhouse gases, waste management, recycling, and transportation, that help to maintain and cultivate a more sustainable community.

Riverside was also one of a handful of participants chosen by the ACMP this year to receive the Platinum Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility Award for its “Green Riverside/Seizing our Destiny” entry. The Leadership award is given only to organizations which show excellence in multiple programs.

“These awards highlight the many efforts Riverside is committed to and have been promoting for the last ten years,” said Riverside City Councilmember Rusty Bailey, who also chairs the city’s Land Use/ Utility Services / Energy Development Committee. “We are very pleased to be honored for our accomplishments.”

“While creating award winning policies and programs helps to keep Riverside among the leading green cities in the nation and around the world, we are also proud to be able to share our blueprints of success with other communities, and foster the ‘people helping people’ spirit that the Communitas Awards represent,” Bailey said.


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