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February 23, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Here’s an interesting story from American Water Works Association that’s directly relevant to the incorrect water story about Riverside from December 2009, and again this year. Thought this was interesting.

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Our readers may remember back in late 2009 when the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released an update to their Water Quality Database, and with much fanfare they also released a list of the top 100 best and worst cities for water safety. The report and the list generated a LOT of media coverage in national outlets such as the New York Times, Associated Press and MSNBC. Shortly thereafter the water community went to great pains to point out multiple discrepancies in the data used, and called its validity into question.

Unfortunately, it seems that those same media outlets don’t remember running that story. Many of them, including the AP and MSNBC, reran the same article last week.  Only this time it was a different group who claimed to have examined the data and come to the exact same conclusions as EWG – right down to the list of 100 best and worst cities (we can only imagine what EWG thought). Here at AWWA we noticed the discrepancy and tried to alert various media outlets (although to date we have not heard back from any of them).  It seems we weren’t the only ones.

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