Riverside’s Accomplishments Touted at Energy Summit

November 11, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Mayor Ron Loveridge encouraged other cities around the region to follow Riverside’s lead in going green during a recent appearance at the Inaugural Energy Summit in Ontario hosted by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership.

While serving as moderator for the Energy, Economics and the Environment panel at the summit, Mayor Loveridge noted how Riverside has completed or is in the progress of completing 34 of the 38 goals included in the city’s Green Action Plan; will get 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2013 and has planted 100,000 trees in the past decade.

Riverside also is California’s first Emerald City, as chosen by the state Department of Conservation, and recently accepted the California Green Community Challenge from the Entertainment Media Association, an environmental group based in Hollywood.

“We are setting some remarkable goals for others to follow,” Mayor Loveridge said before leading a panel that included representatives from the utilities, government and private industry. “Bottom line, Riverside, like many cities, is committed to serious goals, and we are taking steps to meet them.”

Riverside’s accomplishments were applauded by panel member Barry R. Sedlik, chairman of the California Green Collar Jobs Council

“Those kinds of things don’t just happen,” Sedlik said. “They take leadership.”


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